Former Miss Malaysia laments about brother being punched in road rage debacle with 'VIP'

19 Sep 2023 09:55pm
Former Miss Malaysia 2012, Lee Yvonne in her Instagram video - Screengrab from Yvoone's video
Former Miss Malaysia 2012, Lee Yvonne in her Instagram video - Screengrab from Yvoone's video

SHAH ALAM – Former Miss Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne has expressed her distress over her brother's involvement in a road rage incident that allegedly involved a "VIP" (Very Important Person).

In an Instagram video post, she shared a video explaining her brother's predicament, asserting that he had fallen victim to road rage and bullying in Kuala Lumpur the previous night while caught in a traffic jam.

Her brother was dissuaded from filing a police report after being informed that the aggressor was a "VIP".

Until 9.00 pm tonight, her explanatory video garnered 3,780 likes and 113,000 views.

"The individual in the car behind him persistently honked, demanding him to move. This individual grew increasingly irate and eventually left his vehicle," she recounted.

Nevertheless, her brother explained that he could not manoeuvre his vehicle due to heavy traffic conditions.

To exacerbate the situation, the aggressor referred to her brother as a 'dog' and physically assaulted him.

In her video, she also included footage of her brother's face following the assault.

"What I've gleaned from this incident is the importance of not engaging or reacting to road bullies.

"In today's world, there are numerous dangerous and irate individuals. The best course of action is to walk away.

"Sometimes, by avoiding confrontation and putting your ego aside, you emerge as the victor. Prioritise your safety first and reflect on the situation later," she emphasised.

Below her video post Instagram user @jessie_lh commented: “Please lodge a report and make the law punish them.

“Raise this to the media, police, authority, politicians with your medical report, dashcam footage, and evidence. Power and influence are not to be abused by these people. Hope your brother gets well soon physically and psychologically," she commented.

Another Instagram user, @johnmc876 also commented that her brother needed to file a police report.

“Road bullies must be banned from the road and terminate their driving licence for life.

“I hope this lady files a police report as soon as possible and brings this road bully to justice and jail them for life,” he wrote