Allegations of manufacturers, wholesalers hiding rice stock is illogical - Azman

22 Sep 2023 08:05pm

SHAH ALAM - Claims that local rice stocks are being hidden by manufacturers and wholesalers are considered illogical because their shelf life can only last for 45 days before being attacked by rice weevils.

Paddy and Rice Regulation director-general Datuk Azman Mahmood said it goes the same with paddy because the shelf life of paddy is only 60 days.

He said the country's current stock of rice is still adequate, which is about 900,000 metric tons and is able to cover the needs of the people for the next five months.

"Of that amount, it involves trading stock amounting to 650,000 metric tons while emergency stock amounts to 250,000 metric tons.

"Rice cannot be stored for a long time because it will spoil, and there is no use in doing so. The country's rice stocks are also still plentiful," he said when contacted on Friday.

He also challenged the spreaders of fake news to present evidence about rice stockpiling activities so that legal action can be taken.

"I challenge these fake news, prove it. So boys, don't throw accusations, then run.

"We want to know where such activities take place so that legal action can be taken against the parties involved," he said

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At the same time, he also advised consumers not to make panic purchases and store rice in their homes for a long time.

"Consumers should only buy rice according to household needs, there is no use if they buy in bulk of up to 10 bags for one family. For what?

"However, now in Kedah the harvesting process is underway and has reached 20 percent of the 40 percent of the harvest which is expected to end in mid-October.

"Then, the harvesting process will be continued by Kelantan and Terengganu. So there will be no problem of stock shortage," he said.