'Halal certification not only for Muslim, but for all' - Jakim

25 Sep 2023 07:53pm
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SHAH ALAM - Halal certification is not based on race or religion; it is mainly to ensure the best quality of food and drink for everyone.

This was highlighted by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) Senior Assistant Director Mohd Shahril Abd Samat, who said that Halal focuses more on ingredients and good manufacturing.

"Halal is not only for Islam, but for everyone.

"Our halal certification is not based on religion or race. We want to give the best for everyone so that they can have quality food and drink," he said after handing over the Halal certificate to Chagee Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid Mall.

He, however, said that most of the applicants failed to understand what Jakim requires and often thought that it was hard to get a Halal certificate.

"If everyone understands the requirements of the Halal certificate, it wouldn't seem so hard to gain it.

"We put more emphasis on what ingredients are needed, from where the ingredients are coming from, good manufacturing, and packaging.

"If a 'Mak Cik' (aunty) with no knowledge of gadgets is able to get a Halal certificate and sell chips, how can we, who understand the existing system, say it's hard to obtain the certificate?" he questioned.

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Shahril further said that Jakim is working hard to guide every single applicant until they successfully obtain their certification.

"We are very helpful and encourage everyone to apply for Halal certification.

"We in Jakim have an advocacy section and also give direct concern to applicants who may not understand or get stuck in the online system. We will give them direct support until they succeed.

"Jakim is also working hard to fasten the application process from 60 days to 30 days if all documentation is good with the commitments of applicants," he said.

Earlier today, Chagee celebrated its milestone by achieving Halal certification for its five outlets.

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