Declare assets, periodic income of enforcement authority personnel - Gema

28 Sep 2023 01:15pm
Photo for illustrative purposes - 123RF PIX (Inset: Amar)
Photo for illustrative purposes - 123RF PIX (Inset: Amar)

SHAH ALAM - The government is urged to implement a declaration of assets and periodic income among enforcement officers to curb corruption crimes in the nation.

Malaysia Gema Youth Association (Gema) president Mohammad Amar Masuri said this followed the increase in the crimes which they claimed became a culture and a norm.

“This must happen as the vile acts are becoming a culture and a norm among enforcement authorities without accounting for whatever department it is related to.

“Other than having a low income, they had made corruption ‘revenue’ as a monthly income to cover their permanent expenditures that cannot be accommodated simply with their base wages,” he told Sinar.

Amar added the complaint system must be improved so the public, including foreigners, could easily report corruption activities and blackmail from enforcement authorities on the field and in offices.

He said that if no strict actions were taken, it would cause the nation not to develop and continue to be left behind compared to other developing countries.

“The long-term effects will be seen when our grandchildren must work harder to sustain the increasing cost of living from the same notch of income.

“These vile acts could affect several parties, especially from the cost of living standpoint that will bring major effects to Malaysians,” he said.

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He said the efforts to curb the crime must be the responsibility of all parties to ensure Malaysia could advance as a peaceful and harmonious nation.