ISI joins forces with World Anti-Corruption Conference to fight against corruption

29 Sep 2023 03:38pm
Photo for illustrative purposes - FILE PIX
Photo for illustrative purposes - FILE PIX

KUALA LUMPUR - The International Strategy Institute (ISI) is set to strengthen global governance with the World Anti-Corruption Conference (WACC) that is to be held on Nov 16.

The WACC aims to address and combat corruption on a global scale, and will serve as a platform for stakeholders, policymakers, experts, civil society representatives, and business leaders, to come together and discuss strategies, share best practices, and collaborate on anti-corruption efforts.

ISI promotes bilateral trade and economic growth by creating opportunities and building relationships across the Asia Pacific region with an aim to connect governments and businesses throughout Asia, advocating for ethical business practices and sustainable development focused toward employment growth.

Meanwhile, with a proven track record of over 100 events, its founder and chairman, Cheah Chyuan Yong’s involvement alongside Prime Ministers underscores his influence and commitment to shaping Asia's future.

"The history of Asia has witnessed cycles of struggle, conflict, and poverty. However, today, Asia stands as one of the world's most dynamic growth regions.

"To harness the opportunities presented by the digital future, Asia must ensure seamless collaboration between governments and the private sector, fostering a business growth mindset, and prioritising equality and empowerment,” said Cheah in a statement.

ISI embarked on its journey with the orchestration of corporate summits, economic forums, domestic trade expos, anti-corruption summits, and tax policy discussions, which has directly benefitted over 500 businesses, fostering growth and prosperity.

Objectives of ISI include facilitating bilateral trade growth and networking; providing timely research; connecting businesses with strategic investors; and promoting corporate social responsibility.

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A non-profit organisation, ISI brings together government and corporate leaders to foster connections across Asia Pacific, advocates for ethical business values, growth opportunities as well as offering a platform for dialogue and networking to drive economic growth. - BERNAMA

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