'Malam Masih Muda’ hit corrupting morals?

02 Oct 2023 03:54pm
Screenshot from Muhammad Izzat Al-Kutawi's Facebook.
Screenshot from Muhammad Izzat Al-Kutawi's Facebook.

SHAH ALAM – Malay hit song, ‘Malam Masih Muda’ (Night Still Young) originally performed by Saixse and local rapper MK of K-Clique fame has raised concerns within the Muslim community.

This song, from the album ‘Malam Pagi’ was criticised by the Facebook user, Muhammad Izzat Al-Kutawi claiming that the lyrics of the song portrayed a young man's life entangled in sinful activities, including parties and encounters with the opposite sex, following a painful breakup.

The explicit nature of the song's content has drawn sharp criticism for its potential impact on impressionable audiences, including teenagers and children who make up a substantial portion of its fanbase.

“While writing this article, I sought out the music video to confirm my understanding. (I attempted to be fair and wanted to avoid making baseless accusations.)

“Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed. The song indeed contains explicit content. There are scenes of dancing, revelry, and intimate moments between men and women on a bed.

“One version of the song includes explicit lines, such as ‘Tonight is my night, yeah, I'm getting loose. She wanted to drink, so I gave her my juice.

"This version, accompanied by scenes of explicit content, has garnered millions of views online, further amplifying concerns about its influence on young listeners,” Izzat wrote in his Facebook page.

This post has gained 1.4 thousand reactions, a thousand shares and 84 comments.

“Based on the information provided under both versions, the singer and lyricist are Saixse and MK K-Clique, both of whom are Muslim.

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“It is baffling how Muslims could be involved in creating such a vulgar and distasteful song. Do they have no conscience?

“May Allah curse those involved in corrupting the morals and character of young Muslim adolescents with songs like these. You may thrive in this world, but you will be ruined in the Hereafter,” he added.

His post was also shared by @anina faris on the X application.

Anina captioned the post with 'with regards to the ‘Malam Masih Muda’ (Night Still Young) which has been written and sung by Muslims, and those who love this song, many of them who are children'

Her post received mix reactions from X users, most who said that people needed to watch the music video and delve deeper into the message the song was trying to convey.

X user @dheohaq said "please watch the full music video, which the message is about a person who had gone astray and was guided back to Allah"

While @fatimahfsl commented "the message is about a guy that was having too much 'fun' and in the end he ended up in a coma, where he later went back to god, so we just take the message at the last part where he wakes up from the coma and finds an excerpt from the Quran which states 'and he found you lost and guided you'.

In two months, the music video has reached 5.6 millions views.