'Impose harsher punishment on government subsidy traitors' - Dr Akmal

05 Oct 2023 03:32pm
Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh
Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh

ALOR GAJAH - The government is asked to review more severe punishments, such as imprisonment and caning, for those who manipulate and misappropriate government subsidies.

Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh said that the punishment aimed to teach lessons, especially to the cartels, for taking advantage in a circumstance where the people are stressed out by the lack of local rice supply.

He said so far, the punishment imposed on offenders and perpetrators who manipulate the rice supply only comes in the form of a compound fine, which they can afford to pay even if it reaches RM100,000.

"If we look at today's punishment, the highest is just a compound, so let me tell you this: the cartel can pay off the compound.

"If we imposed harsher punishment on those who betrayed the national subsidy, including those who cheat and oppress the people, of course, they would not dare to do it," he stressed.

He told reporters after the Fish and Lobster Seed Release Programme in the waters of Sungai Melaka, Kampung Gangsa, and Durian Tunggal today.

Also present was Rural Development, Agriculture, and Food Security Deputy Exco Low Chee Leong.

Akmal, who is also Rural Development, Agriculture, and Food Security Exco, said that so far, Melaka has received an additional 300 metric tonnes of local rice, and the remaining 200 metric tonnes will be received by next week at the latest to be distributed to all supermarkets and retail stores in the state.

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An additional 500 metric tonnes of rice announced last week aimed to ensure that the people would not experience difficulties obtaining it, he added.

"I'm only asking the people of Melaka not to buy rice in large quantities, and 10 kilogrammes is enough to cover a week.

"So every week, the Japerun Complex will sell local rice to help the people so that the rice supply is not cut off," he said.

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