Pelangai residents share hopes and dreams for the future

07 Oct 2023 01:11pm
Affordable housing and job opportunities top Pelangai residents' wishlist - Photo by Bernama
Affordable housing and job opportunities top Pelangai residents' wishlist - Photo by Bernama

BENTONG - As the Pelangai by-election takes place today, the voices of the constituency's residents have come to the forefront, sharing their dreams and aspirations for a brighter future in their community.

Sinar Daily spoke to several residents of Felda Chemomoi today.

Mat Radi Mat Saat, 47, highlighted the importance of maintaining and improving what is already in place, regardless of which political party wins the election.

"We have deep roots here, and while outsiders may not see the changes, I grew up in this community and have witnessed transformations over time," he said.

Mat Radi also stressed the need to maintain trust within the community and acknowledged the visible changes that have taken place, such as the improved accessibility of ATMs and online banking, as well as the remarkable internet connectivity in the region.

When reflecting on the issue of "mat rempit" or illegal motorcycle racing, he noted a significant decrease in the problem over the years.

"Twenty years ago, yes, there were many 'mat rempit,' but not anymore. In fact, the current generation is also innovative in modifying their motorcycles, but illegal racing is no longer present," he said.

Riduan Ramli, 39, pointed out that the term "mat rempit" is misunderstood by outsiders and emphasised the responsible riding practices in the area.

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"There is no 'mat rempit' here," he said.

However, he highlighted the inconvenience of having to travel to the Bera district for banking services.

Riduan further pointed out the pressing need for job opportunities, particularly for the second-generation Felda settlers.

He hoped the winning candidate for the seat would prioritise advancing and upgrading housing infrastructure for the second generation.

Another Pelangai resident, Ismail Mohd Azni, 40, shared his hope for the second-generation Felda settlers to have their own home.

Having voted twice before, he underlined that this promise had yet to be fulfilled.

"I hope that the second generation can have a home. I have voted twice, but the promise has not been fulfilled. That's my only hope for this election," he added.

Zaidi Zawal, 46, echoed the sentiments of Riduan and Ismail, yearning for affordable housing options to be made available for the second generation of Felda settlers, many of whom continue to rent homes in the area.

"As a Felda settler, I yearn for housing for the second generation. So, I hope that the governing government can provide housing sites for the second generation of Felda settlers.

"Many of the second generation here still rent. This is what we, the Felda Chemomoi community, hope for," he said.

Zaidi, who works in Genting Highlands, also highlighted the need for banking facilities and a post office closer to the Chemomoi area.

He said residents sometimes endure a 45-minute journey to Bandar Bera for these services.

As the election continues, the aspirations and hopes of Pelangai residents will undoubtedly play a significant role in influencing the decisions and priorities of the elected representatives, ultimately shaping the future of their community.

The Pelangai by-election will see a three-cornered fight between Datuk Amizar Abu Adam from Barisan Nasional (BN), Kasim Samat from Perikatan Nasional (PN) and Independent candidate Haslihelmy DM Zulhasni.