Under Siege: Palestinians' unrelenting struggle for freedom

09 Oct 2023 07:30am
Residents saving items from the destroyed building during the Israeli airstrike in Gaza City - AFP PIX
Residents saving items from the destroyed building during the Israeli airstrike in Gaza City - AFP PIX

SHAH ALAM - The recent longstanding global issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict reached it peak after the Palestinian resistance group acting against their oppression reacting and launching attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement on asking Palestinians to leave Gaza with threats of a missile attack, but the question arose of where they would go to if they were trapped.

The movement taken by the far-right government ruthlessly escalated the occupation over Palestine causing destruction of homes, lands being taken and detainees medically neglected.

Experts stated their views on the issue as borders set for Palestine simply placed them at a situation where they could not leave unless they were willing to lose their land and home.

Viva Palestina Malaysia Azra Banu Sidek stated that the statement released by Netanyahu simply was a joke and could spoke on how their possible arrogance could have personally led to their downfall.

“Netanyahu’s statement doesn’t make any sense because he is telling them to run, but they couldn’t as the borders were closed and the siege was not lifted, it is a joke when we hear such to those who were imprisoned.

“The recent attacks could be attributed to their failure to see the situation unfold in front of them and it may be their arrogance with how they stated their defences were strong and they could not make any mistakes as they had major nations behind them,” she said.

She commented on the stark differences on how the issue of Palestine was viewed when compared to the Ukraine war and raised the questions on why such double standards was placed.

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Azra said her experience as she lived in the area for a month saw the issues of the Al Aqsa Mosque and individuals being oppressed from performing their prayers.

“I have seen the mosque in Fridays where those below 50 years old were not allowed entry and they were denied their practice for all Muslims,” she said.

Senior Israel Analyst Mairav Zonszein on X tweeted her questions on where they would go since they were not able to after the news on Netanyahu’s statement asking civilians in Gaza to leave as the Hamas hiding places would be turned to rubble.

Asia Middle East Centre (Amec) Research and Dialogue senior research fellow Muath Omar stated the statements of getting Palestinians to leave were not taken seriously due to past promises and they were willing to fight against the oppression.

“Netanyahu statement of getting Palestinians to leave was met by no actions as the threats were not taken seriously due to those in Palestine have learned that it is not worthy of negotiations and the constant empty promises that were always given.

“Palestinians now are not leaving and they are willing to fight and stay as seen by what is currently happening,” he said.

He stated those who were inhabiting the lands should consider leaving and giving it back to those indigenous to the land.

Muath also spoke on the detainee situation worsening in causing detainees to lose their rights.

“We can see that the detainee situation is bad and they live in fear of being targeted and having their rights such as medical treatments and not being able to see families during visitations,” he said.