Unique breakfast: Fancy some rice with cow's tongue, testicles?

11 Oct 2023 12:52pm

KOTA BHARU – A restauranteur offers a range of unique breakfast menu including grilled tongue, cow testicles and goat's head to customers of his eatery located at Batu 11, Ketereh.

What was more interesting was that the menu also offered lamb leg broth, fried stewed fish, and beef stew were all part of the menu in addition to 'air asam', beef stew, and grilled meat.

The unique offers were an alternative to the usual nasi berlauk, nasi dagang, or nasi kerabu for breakfast, which Kuantan was famously known for.

Md Rusmadi Mamat, 46, said that cupu fruit and mango sambal also served as an appetizer before clients enjoyed the special dinner.

The Kelantan native, better known as Pok Die, tried to offer something different after noticing that numerous traders selling the same menu, including nasi berlauk and nasi kerabu.

"I started selling this unique menu three years ago as a source of income after Covid-19 hit the country.

"Prior to that I worked as a cook offshore for 20 years and travelled to over twenty nations but my job was affected due to the pandemic," he told Sinar on Tuesday.

The father of one said in order to gain income for the family, he opened the restaurant which drew many customers because of the unique menu.

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"A soy sauce-and-onion-and-chili-based dipping sauce will be served with the baked beef tongue.

"For the cow's testicles, it will be deep-fried with turmeric while the goat's head will be made into stew or curry according to the customer's order," he stated.

Pok Die said the menu needed to be pre-ordered by customers because the preparation was complicated as he only used fresh local beef and lamb.

He said each meal was sold at a price of RM6 to RM10 per person, adding that the shop starts operating as early as 7.30am to 2.30pm and closes on Fridays.