Palestine-Israel conflict: Malaysian Foreign Ministry advises citizens to postpone travel

11 Oct 2023 02:39pm
Explosions illuminate the sky during Israeli strikes on Gaza City on October 10, 2023. Photo by Mahmud Hams/AFP FILE PIX
Explosions illuminate the sky during Israeli strikes on Gaza City on October 10, 2023. Photo by Mahmud Hams/AFP FILE PIX

PUTRAJAYA - The Foreign Ministry (Wisma Putra) has advised those planning to travel to conflict areas to postpone their plans due to the ongoing security situation arising from the fighting between Israel and Palestine.

"Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that still intend to travel to the affected areas are advised to refer their plans to this Ministry first," Wisma Putra said in a statement on Wednesday.

It stated that at present, there are five Malaysian citizens, including an adult woman and a mother with three children, in the West Bank.

The Malaysian Embassy in Amman, Jordan, is in constant contact with them, according to the statement.

Wisma Putra advises any individuals or Malaysian citizens who have information about the whereabouts of relatives or acquaintances still in the conflict areas to contact the Ministry to enable assistance to be provided if necessary.

Meanwhile, Wisma Putra said Malaysia is deeply concerned about the increasing number of casualties and injuries to civilians and the destruction resulting from the fighting that has been ongoing since October 7.

"Malaysia strongly condemns Israel's excessive and indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas, as well as the regime's actions to block basic supplies of water, electricity, and food," it said.

Wisma Putra commends the decree of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and welcomes the unanimous resolution of the Dewan Rakyat on Monday regarding Palestine, including the call for the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the international community to exert pressure to stop all hostilities.

"In this context, Malaysia is also concerned about the failure of the UNSC to reach an agreement on this matter," it said.

Taking into account the critical situation at present, it said the international community should immediately channel humanitarian assistance such as basic supplies and medicine while emphasising that the Israeli regime has no right to block humanitarian aid channels.

As an initial step, Wisma Putra is in the process of immediately channelling RM1 million for early humanitarian contributions through the People's Humanitarian Trust Account for Palestine (AAKRP), as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Monday.

The public, agencies, and organisations wishing to contribute through AAKRP can do so at the following link: