Labuan emerges as preferred nesting ground for Hawksbill sea turtle

11 Oct 2023 07:23pm
 A Hawksbill sea turtle -123rf
A Hawksbill sea turtle -123rf
LABUAN - Labuan has become the preferred nesting site for Hawksbill sea turtles.

Since January this year, the island has witnessed an influx of these reptiles as they come ashore to lay their eggs on several beaches.

Labuan Fisheries Department director, Faizal Ibrahim Suhaili, revealed a total of 2,035 turtle eggs have been discovered and safely buried in the sands of Labuan's beaches between January and August.

"This number, however, does not take into account the latest discovery of 106 eggs by local fishermen at Kampung Sungai Labu beach earlier this month,” he told Bernama today.

He said Labuan has long been regarded as a sanctuary for the endangered reptiles, with the marine parks of Rusukan Besar Island and Rusukan Kecil Island serving as their preferred nesting grounds.

Faizal Ibrahim noted these two islands have been particularly attractive to sea turtles, offering them a safe and hospitable environment to lay their eggs.

"The proliferation of sea turtle landings is not limited to the Rusukan Islands alone, as other Labuan beaches have also been graced by the presence of these endangered creatures, and one of these notable locations is the Tanjung Aru Nelayan beach,” he said.

He said Labuan Fisheries Department is working closely with local fishermen to protect these nesting sites and monitor sea turtle activity to ensure the safety of the eggs and the overall well-being of these creatures.

"This endeavour is vital in preserving not only the species but also the island's natural heritage,” he said.
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The presence of Hawksbill turtles on Labuan's shores is a promising sign that the island's conservation efforts and natural habitat preservation are bearing fruit.

Rusukan Besar Island has long been designated as Labuan’s Turtle Conservation Area and it is jointly managed by the Fisheries Department and Marine Park - BERNAMA

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