Palestinian content creator shares horrors of Israel attacks

12 Oct 2023 06:49pm
Twenty-two-year-old Palestinian content creator and dental student, Salma Shurrab - Pix taken from her Instagram video
Twenty-two-year-old Palestinian content creator and dental student, Salma Shurrab - Pix taken from her Instagram video

SHAH ALAM - A 22-year-old Palestinian content creator and dental student, Salma Shurrab has shared the horrors she faced due to the brutal Israel attacks on Gaza, terrorising her life along with that of her family, in an Instagram post.

Israel had attacked the Gaza Strip and ordered a complete siege, preventing electricity, water, food, or fuel from entering Palestine.

Salma shared in her video her living situation in Gaza, where she witnessed so many aggressions from the Israel attack on Gaza.

She said that she had never seen such an aggressive attack in the last five days and feared for her life.

"Thankfully, I still have my home, and I still have my life and my family.

“This time I’m doubting that I’ll make it out alive; all my friends have either lost their house or a family member. This time, there’s no safe place around.

In the video, she described the worsening situation in Gaza, forcing her family and herself to evacuate.

They were evacuated from her home to go to a place that was not safe as well, and they had to return to their home.

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“Yesterday, we had to evacuate the entire building. I had to leave my room, my house, and my memories to go to a place that is no safer than my house, so we had to return home because if I’m going to die, I will die at my house,” she said.

Salma said she had to move her bed throughout the night in attempts to find the safest area in the house to protect her family and herself, adding that they always stayed prepared with a bag containing travel documents to enable them to evacuate at any time.

The situation in Gaza worsens as attacks were being carried out through airstrikes targeting buildings in the city, with mosques and even civilian buildings destroyed, with destruction left in its wake.

Salma added in her video that the only borders leading out of Gaza were bombed, leading to civilians being trapped as their supplies were cut.

"Yesterday, they bombed the only borders we have with the world to get out of this warzone; they’re not letting us get out.

“They are trapping us in this cage and making everyone wait for their deaths. Gaza is no longer a city to live in; it’s a ghost town. All the places I’ve worked have been destroyed by now, and I don’t think I will ever graduate.

“They cut off all the water, all the bathrooms are closed, they cut off the internet, and they bombed all the internet service providers in Gaza, so the internet connection is very poor and it’s very bad, which means the truth is not coming out as it should be.

“I haven’t slept for two days. Every time I go to sleep, I either hear a bomb, see a light, or hear a noise, a scream, or my neighbour evacuating.

“So I’m like, should I evacuate now or should I just wait for my own death in my own house? It’s really confusing,” she said.

The long-standing suffering faced by those in Gaza for decades led them to carry out operations to secure themselves any chances of receiving freedom.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his distress over the complete siege on the Gaza Strip recently and called for the end of such a vicious circle of bloodshed, hatred, and polarisation.