Hamas denies child murder allegations, calls for media accuracy

13 Oct 2023 08:55am
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SHAH ALAM - The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has refuted the erroneous allegations that Palestinian freedom fighters are murdering children and attacking civilians, that has been spreading like wildfire by various Western media outlets.

The Israeli occupation's propaganda that operates with fabrications and lies, the group said was trying to hide their ongoing crimes and massacres, majority of which amount to war crimes and genocide, from the world.

The Palestinian resistance movement emphasises that the Israeli occupation military, security, and base outposts have all been appropriate targets for Palestinian freedom fighters.

Hamas said the Israeli occupation, which has so far bombed dozens of homes with its citizens inside and committed war crimes and acts of genocide against more than 950 people, including 260 children and 230 women, has not been covered by Western mainstream media.

"When reporting on the ongoing Israeli attack against the besieged Gaza Strip, the mainstream media in Western nations should pursue both truth and accuracy.

"Israeli propaganda's effectiveness, however, is not due to its strength, accuracy, or even cunningness, but rather to the almost total absence of voices disputing what Israel claims and what the mainstream media repeats.

"To dehumanise Palestinians and their resistance, Israel, for instance, has made outrageous assertions that Palestinians are killing infants," it said in a statement.

This proganda, it said, was useful to the Isralies resulting to the escalation of its genocidal campaign against Gaza, killing children as well as their parents.

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"The key distinction between Israelis killing Palestinian babies and Palestinians killing Israeli newborns is that the latter is thoroughly documented, while the former is only a claim that is almost certainly false," it said.

Following these allegations, Palestinian activists and journalists have been responding by debunking Israeli misinformation and outlining how it serves the Israeli war narrative.

The United States White House has also backtracked on remarks made by President Joe Biden about seeing images of alleged atrocities committing by Palestinian Resistance fighters in Israeli settlements surrounding Gaza.

Its spokesman said neither Biden nor any official who saw photos or verified reports of terrorists beheading children, pointing out that Biden’s statements on alleged atrocities were based on Israeli media reports.

The Israeli government has also told the media that they were not able to confirm the specific claim that Hamas attackers cut off the heads of babies during their events on Saturday, contradicting a previous public statement by their Prime Minister’s office.

Israeli officials and media made unsubstantiated remarks about beheading of babies, rape and other allegations. Rightwing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu championed and promoted the allegations.

Further investigations, however, show that the allegations are not supported by any evidence.