Alana Hadid gets vocal, amplifies support towards Palestine

16 Oct 2023 04:17pm
Alana Hadid gets vocal, amplifies support towards Palestine- @lanzybear (Instagram)
Alana Hadid gets vocal, amplifies support towards Palestine- @lanzybear (Instagram)

In the latest wave of Palestinian advocacy, Alana Hadid, the elder sibling of the supermodel Hadid sisters, is making sure she’s staying vocal about Palestine by constantly posting and commenting on reports about the recent humanitarian crisis.

The Los Angeles-based fashion designer has emerged as one of the most active celebrity voices lending her strong social media presence in shining light on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Alana recently commented on a CNN video reporting on the conflict.

The video depicted a reporter asking for a helmet while reporting on location of the Israel - Palestine war-zone.

“This is the tantamount to click bait. While people are dying you are showing a reporter asking for a helmet.

“You think the slaughter of an entire population is a fair response to the actions of some. You are supporting collective punishment and that’s war crime. Thanks. Try again,” she said in the comment section.

Alana has also been actively posting stories to her instagram account, more recently of a video depicting Palestinian victims.

“This isn’t just this week. Palestinians have been suffering like this for 75 years.75 years!.

“It’s not complicated, it's horrifying.The world has let Palestinians down and now they are letting them be wiped out,” she said in one of her stories.

She also posted a heart-wrenching video of a Palestinian man talking about loss, accompanying it with a heart-wrenching caption of her own.

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“The Gazan people are writing their goodbyes. How horrific. To know you will die.

“To know you will die while the world watches. To know you will die just for the blood that is in your body.

“To know you will die for the place you were born. To know they are killing you to take your land.

“To know you’ve never truly known freedom. To know it didn’t have to be like this. We as Palestinians have been screaming at the world to stop this. All of this.

“Now we hope this haunts you. It never had to come to this,” she said.

She also stressed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should not be referred to as a war, urging people to stop using that terminology.

“This isn’t a war. Stop calling it a freaking war,” she said.

In an interview with online lifestyle site MuslimGirl. Alana describes why it is so important for people to be aware of what’s happening in Palestine in an interview.

"This is a humanitarian crisis. I mean, I can’t say it enough. It’s important that people understand that this is not one side against another side and debating our views.

"We are pointing out that there are people who are being mistreated in a very horrible way for many, many years. We want equality and we want to be treated correctly. And we want the people that are living in these countries to be allowed to live like they live in a sovereign country. People need to hear about it. If it was happening in your country, or if it was happening anywhere else in the world, you would want to know," she said.

Alana Hadid is half-American, half-Palestinian, her father Mohamed Hadid is an American real estate developer, and is well known for building luxury hotels and mansions.

Both her sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid have also been vocal about the Palestinian conflict and cause.

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