BRI: Malaysia to ensure win-win situation, projects bring optimal benefits - Loke

18 Oct 2023 09:27pm
Anthony Loke
Anthony Loke
BEIJING - Malaysia is committed to ensuring that infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will provide optimal benefits to the country and can serve as an economic driver for the long term.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the momentum of the country's progress should also go hand in hand with China's growth and BRI strategies which uphold the principle of togetherness and shared prosperity.

"Any cooperation must lead to a win-win situation, and not one side benefiting while the other is in debt. We don't want that kind of situation.

"Our relationship with China is constructive. Even though we have signed up (for BRI projects), we negotiate from time to time and request that these projects ultimately benefit the country,” he told Bernama during the Third Belt and Road Forum For International Cooperation held here today.

Loke was one of the speakers for the session, "Connectivity In An Open Global Economy” held as part of the thematic forum.

Meanwhile, in the forum, Loke said the BRI cornerstone project will be a game-changer to the country’s connectivity and logistics performance when the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) is completed by 2027.

He said new development areas along the railway corridor would become attractive investment destinations for local and foreign investors.

"Leveraging on the ECRL's success, much can be done for projects related to low-carbon energy transition and sustainable development in the next 10 years," he said.

He said while hard infrastructure was undeniably critical, the power of soft connectivity must not be overlooked through the exchange of technologies, standards, rules and operational best practices.
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"The digital age has brought about a new era in transportation and logistics, where real-time data, smart systems, and digital platforms have the potential to revolutionise efficiency and sustainability.

"Together, Malaysia and China have a unique opportunity to lead in this area,” he added. - BERNAMA
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