Taylor Swift's 'Eras' film tickets sold out swiftly on the first day - TGV

20 Oct 2023 04:45pm
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Taylor Swift may not be stopping by Malaysia for her Eras tour, but at the very least, Malaysian fans can immerse themselves in a once-in-a-lifetime concert experience when the Eras Tour film hits the local cinemas this coming Nov 3.

Fans were certainly swift, as TGV Manager Marketing Operations Grace Tan said the first batch of tickets sold out quickly, delighting some but disappointing others who were unable to secure the tickets.

Simultaneously, pre-orders for exclusive film merchandise, including posters, clothing, and collectibles representing Taylor Swift's different eras, were in high demand.

"The overwhelming demand for merchandise prompted the need for a second batch of advance ticket sales, with fans rushing to secure their spot in this special event.

"However, the high volume of merchandise pre-orders raised concerns about limited availability for walk-in purchases.

"The rush for merchandise highlights Taylor Swift's strong connection with her fans and her ability to build a dedicated following," Tan told Sinar Daily.

The Eras Tour film tickets sold out quickly on the first day for TGV.
The Eras Tour film tickets sold out quickly on the first day for TGV.

With the second round of advance ticket sales now available, Swifties can still seek a second chance to be part of this remarkable cinematic experience.

But for those hoping to snag exclusive merchandise on the day of the event, the chances may be slim due to the high number of pre-orders online.

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The fervour around the film's release demonstrates the unwavering support of Taylor Swift's fans, and it's clear that "Eras" is destined to be a memorable journey through her musical evolution.

"Many of our cinema halls in urban locations are sold out during the first weekend, especially TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil, as we are hosting a Taylor Swift fans party.

"That sold out very quickly, as we also received many hall booking inquiries where the fans booked entire cinema halls for their private screening.

"As for the merchandise, we are launching the sales of the official Taylor Swift The Eras Tour drink tumbler with our Royale Combo later today; we shall see the response.

"Many fans are looking forward to this merchandise. It's Taylor Swift, and it's pink!", she said.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie will be out soon in cinemas on Nov 3.

Sinar Daily also reached out to GSC Cinemas, however they were unable to comment on the response of ticket sales.

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