Japen Says 84 Madani Communities formed in Melaka to help spread govt policies

22 Oct 2023 06:37pm
Image for illustrative purposes only. – 123RF
Image for illustrative purposes only. – 123RF

MELAKA - A total of 84 Madani Communities were established in Melaka to strengthen the distribution of information related to the Federal government's policies to the people effectively and comprehensively.

Melaka Director of Information Department (Japen) Shahrom Ravin Daram Abdullah said the initiative involved three communities in each constituency in the state and its establishment was based on suggestions from the state assemblymen.

"The Madani community plays the role of a gatekeeper or ambassador of Japen in disseminating the latest information related to policies, programmes or activities implemented to reach the target group for good measure.

"The establishment of this community is to help Japen officials in each district because the existing members or strength is not able to widely disseminate information related to the government's agenda and policies," he told reporters here today.

He said this after the opening ceremony of ‘Kita Madani’ Melaka State Level 2023 which was done by the State Deputy Exco for Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital Communication Datuk Mohd Noor Helmy Abd Halem.

Commenting further, Shahrom Ravin Daram said the establishment of the MAadani Community will be added in each constituency if the community is able to have a positive impact on the people besides looking into the needs of the constituency.

He said the Madani Community also plays a role in initiating various programmes and activities that have a positive impact on the people according to the allocations that will be channelled by the government.

In a separate development, Mohd Noor Helmy said the implementation module of the Digital Economy Centre (Pedi) will be improved in an effort to produce more digital entrepreneurs with high potential to market their products with good sales returns.

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"We will revise the Pedi implementation module through a workshop to be held next week because Pedi staff need to train at least five digital entrepreneurs every year.

"This review involves the latest online business modules and they will be trained by highly skilled Pedi staff in the field," he said.

He said the move helps entrepreneurs add value to the sales aspect of their products through the digital medium using more effective methods in order to increase their sales.

He said thus far, over 150 digital entrepreneurs have added value through the digital sales system implemented in PedI throughout Melaka. - BERNAMA