Indonesia's Health Ministry confirms seven active cases of monkeypox

23 Oct 2023 09:45pm
Monkeypox - For illustration purpose
Monkeypox - For illustration purpose
JAKARTA - The Ministry of Health confirmed the presence of seven active cases of monkeypox in Indonesia, with all of them being detected in Jakarta.

"Currently, there are seven active cases of monkeypox with local transmission," the ministry's Technical Staff for Health Transformation, Dr Ngabila Salama, stated at an online talk show on monkeypox on Monday, reported ANTARA news agency.

According to Salama, the seven active cases were from local transmissions, even though one of the patients had a history of travelling abroad.

She further revealed that the seven patients are currently undergoing isolation at designated hospitals as part of the monkeypox management protocol.

"The symptoms are mild. Currently, we are still waiting for the (patients') recovery," she remarked.

Salama noted that the seven monkeypox patients are men in the age bracket of 25-35 years that had contracted the viral disease from sexual contact.

Nevertheless, she emphasised that a person can contract mpox in other ways apart from sexual contact.

"The transmission can also occur through droplets, viruses that stick to surrounding objects, and skin-to-skin contact," she explained.

Hence, she stated that the government is implementing procedures for handling monkeypox to prevent and control its spread.

"The Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Jakarta Provincial Government are carrying out (measures to) detect, prevent, and respond to prevent an outbreak," she remarked.

She appealed to the community to implement a clean and healthy lifestyle to avoid monkeypox transmission.

It includes wearing masks, washing hands after engaging in activities; avoiding skin-to-skin contact and contact with wounds; ensuring that sexual activities are safe, healthy, and clean; and avoiding sexual activities when ill.

Furthermore, she appealed to the community to report to the nearest community health centre (puskesmas) if they experience fever accompanied by lesions in the form of lumps filled with water or pus. - BERNAMA

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