Pas needs to stop playing sentiment of overthrowing government – Mahfuz

24 Oct 2023 02:41pm
Mahfuz Omar
Mahfuz Omar

SHAH ALAM - Pas needs to stop playing off the sentiment to overthrow the Unity Government as it is unlikely to happen looking at the strong support among all members of the government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Amanah vice president Datuk Mahfuz Omar said that any attempt to change the government would only be possible through election, in line with the democratic practice of the country.

While there was nothing wrong with any political party dreaming of becoming a government, he pointed out that it needed to have a clear foundation.

"For me, it is not wrong (if the opposition wishes) to change, overthrow or seize (the administration) as all existing political parties have the desire to become a government.

"But it must be done in the right way. Not overthrowing the government in the middle of its term because it will have a bad effect.

"If the intention (of the opposition) is to overthrow the government not by the election, then that will damage the country's development and economy. It will also give foreign investors a negative impression of our country," he told Sinar.

He made the remark in regard to Pas election director-general Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor's statement which implied that the unity government must be overthrown by hook or by crook.

Speaking at the closing session of Pas 69th Annual Muktamar which came to its end on Sunday, the Kedah Menteri Besar also said that the constituency revision expected to take place this term better not give an edge to parties under the unity government.

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He stressed that Pas members needed to take the matter seriously and ensure that it was under the party's control.

Notably, Mahfuz who is also Kedah Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman said that the people were also urged not to cater to the sentiments played by opposition leaders as none of it would come to fruition.

In fact, he even urged the authorities to take appropriate action against Sanusi if he keeps on repeating the stance to overthrow the government as it was claimed to be a sabotage.

"This (the desire to overthrow the government) is not possible and even he (Sanusi) himself knows it but, when he keeps on making statements (to change the government), he (is perceived as) has a bad intention to sabotage the economy and political stability of our country," he added.