Do not extend parking prohibition to other local authorities

25 Oct 2023 03:42pm
Thumbnails (left to right): Nik Mohd Marzuki, Mohamad Hafiz, Hasliza, Mustafar
Thumbnails (left to right): Nik Mohd Marzuki, Mohamad Hafiz, Hasliza, Mustafar

SHAH ALAM - The public hopes that the prohibition to park vehicles in front of houses is not extended to other local authorities (PBT) across the country.

Sinar Harian's survey around Shah Alam found that the average community believed that enforcement should only take place in certain areas.

Hawker Hasliza Makhtar, 40, said the local government should provide a large parking area for residents if they wished to implement the enforcement.

"If the government wants to (enforce the prohibition), it has to provide ample parking spaces in residential areas.

"We can park vehicles (in front of the house), but not more than two and not blocking the road," she told Sinar Harian yesterday.

Last Monday, Pasir Gudang mayor Datuk Asman Shah Abd Rahman said that the Pasir Gudang City Council (MBPG) will enforce the prohibition on parking in front of houses starting Jan 1, next year.

According to MBPG's Roads, Drains and Buildings Bylaws, offenders can be fined between RM100 and RM2,000.

On the other hand, factory operator Mohamad Hafiz Ismail, 40, found the prohibition irrelevant for an area such as Klang Valley.

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He said that there were some who have to park outside their house as there was no other option with their residential area not accommodating for over two vehicles per house.

"My suggestion gravitates more on the authorities' discretion; don't take action if the road is not blocked.

"For example, there is a house with a huge parking space, but they still park outside the house. That should be taken action on because it is deliberately blocking the road," said Hafiz.

Meanwhile, military personnel Nik Mohd Marzuki Nik Ghani, 31, suggested the local government to provide extra parking space for residential members.

"The government can regulate one house to park two cars, so any more cars can be parked besides the house's alley as long as it doesn't disturb neighbours' roads," he said.

For another hawker Mustafar Ali, 60, parking in front of the house was a common problem for residential areas as it caused problems in the event of an emergency.

"People should be concerned about this problem. Don't park on the left or right side of the road until it's crowded.

"It will cause some trouble when there is an emergency. How do vehicles such as ambulances, garbage trucks and fire engines enter residential areas?," he questioned.