The Palestinian Diaries: 'Yes, Mossad and Israel are on Malaysian soil' - Muslim

26 Oct 2023 06:01pm
Asia Middle East Centre for Research and Dialogue (AMEC) director Dr Muslim Imran
Asia Middle East Centre for Research and Dialogue (AMEC) director Dr Muslim Imran

SHAH ALAM – Malaysia has found itself in the midst of a controversy surrounding the presence and actions of Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, within its borders.

This has been revealed by the Asia Middle East Centre for Research and Dialogue (AMEC) director Dr Muslim Imran in Sinar Daily’s "The Palestinian Diaries" podcast.

“Mossad is a security instrument that is designed to commit crimes abroad. In fact, they have military doctrine.

“If they feel anything that would harm them, they would strike first and they don’t mind.

"They don’t mind killing civillians, undermining other countries' sovereignty.

"This is what they do for decades,” he said.

Muslim added that Mossad had committed certain unlawful acts within Malaysia, including the targeted assassination of a Palestinian scientist.

More recently, there have been reported attempts to abduct Palestinian students.

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“However I feel that the Malaysian authorities, especially the security agencies and police, have done a great job in countering the Mossad attempts and infiltration and I hope they continue doing this,” he said.

The recent developments may be seen in the context of Malaysia's stance on the ongoing colonisation that has plagued Palestine.

He further expressed his gratitude to the Malaysian leaders, including Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who strongly supported the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel's actions, despite Western pressure to do otherwise.

“This unwavering position has likely drawn the attention of Israel, which may be trying to influence Malaysia indirectly with their cheap stunts, maybe by phone calls, perhaps through threats or other means,” he added.

He also pointed out that identifying individuals involved with Mossad or Israeli forces is exceptionally challenging for the general public.

“Of course it’s hard to identify who is Mossad’s.

"Mossad is known to recruit subjects of different countries to work for their own interests.

“They have done that in Iran, they have done that in Malaysia, they have done that in some other countries.

“It largely falls within the purview of intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

"However, the Malaysian authorities are actively working to detect and apprehend potential infiltrators,” he said.

As such, he added that vigilance is vital to prevent their entry and actions, which several countries that normalise relations with Israel have sometimes faced attempts to undermine their sovereignty, as evidenced by the case of Jordan in the mid-1990s.

“When Jordan normalised relations with Israel in 1996, an attempt was made on the life of a Palestinian leader in Jordan,” he said.