Guan Eng, Kon Yeow need to meet, resolve dispute - Expert

28 Oct 2023 10:42am
From left: Lim Guan Eng, Chow Kon Yeow
From left: Lim Guan Eng, Chow Kon Yeow

SHAH ALAM - Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and DAP Chairman Lim Guan Eng need to meet face-to-face immediately to resolve the dispute internally instead of issuing statements through the mass media and social media.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Political Analyst Professor Datuk Dr Sivamurugan Pandian said the action was necessary because previously DAP was able to resolve all internal party conflicts and problems at the negotiating table without having to be spread in the mainstream media or social media.

"Although the clash between Chow and Lim is not new and is said to have started before the 15th General Election (GE15), they need to resolve it internally so it would not affect DAP's credibility.

"The time has come for the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and DAP Secretary-General Anthony Loke to intervene to resolve the conflict between Chow and Lim," he told Sinar Premium.

Sivamurugan also denied the assumption that the main cause of the conflict between them was the power struggle and the position of Penang Chief Minister currently held by Chow who is also a Member of Padang Kota State Assembly and a Member of Parliament for Batu Kawan.

He said that it was impossible because the DAP Constitution stipulated that a party leader could only hold the position of menteri besar or chief minister for a maximum of two terms.

"If DAP amends its constitution simply to re-appoint Lim as chief minister then it will affect the party's reputation and credibility," he said.

He also did not rule out the possibility of a prolonged conflict between the two leaders because Lim still has a strong influence in DAP and the Penang government like his father, Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang.

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"The name and legacy of Kit Siang, who has contributed a lot and mobilised the DAP machinery, is difficult to drop just like that, even though the veteran leader has now retired from the political arena," he said.

Meanwhile, political analyst and Geostrategy expert Professor Dr Azmi Hassan described the dispute between Lim and Chow as a shameful act because they are two prominent DAP leaders.

"I feel awkward when two DAP’s warriors fight openly," he said.

Previously, Chow claimed that there were people inside and outside DAP planning to topple him.

In fact, Lim said in a counter statement that there was no evidence to show that any leader or member of the DAP party in Penang was involved in trying to topple Chow from his position.