Massacre happening in Gaza following communication blockade - Nadir Al-Nuri

28 Oct 2023 06:08pm
Muhammad Nadir Al-Nuri
Muhammad Nadir Al-Nuri

SHAH ALAM - Israel is believed to be carrying out massive killings in Gaza on Friday night after a total communication blockade was imposed by the Zionist regime.

Cinta Gaza Malaysia chief executive officer Muhammad Nadir Al-Nuri Kamaruzamaman said his phone was cut off when trying to contact his family there.

"The Jordan Foreign Ministry on platform X stated that the colonial regime has just initiated a ground war in the Gaza Strip.

"Fierce battles are taking place between the mujahideen and the colonial army to the north of Gaza at the moment," he said in a Facebook post.

Media reports indicated that Israel had intensified its attacks on the Gaza Strip after internet and mobile communications services in the Palestinian Territories were disrupted.

The sounds of bomb explosions and bright flashes from air and artillery strikes illuminated the Gaza sky throughout last night.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society also stated that they had lost all contact with its movement's rooms in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Nadir urged the public to continue providing donations to help the Palestinians.

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"What we can do now is to continue channelling donations. Every drop of bloodshed will be redeemed by us.

“Every orphan will become our child. Every martyr's family will receive compensation. That's all we can do," he said.