After Syamimia statue of “David” who is actually Apollo, internet users question other brands like Zus, Nike, Pandora

30 Oct 2023 10:13am
The Fountain of Neptune in Florence. Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF
The Fountain of Neptune in Florence. Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF

SHAH ALAM – Shortly after social media influencer Syamimia’ criticised over using the Statue of David as a decoration at her home, social media users are now questioning the usage of the gods of Ancient Greek religion in other prominent brands.

As the matter was raised by an X user over the usage of ancient Greek god Zeus, which was changed to ‘Zus’ by a prominent coffee chain, @justalhafiz questioned what was the big deal behind the use of the name.

“I am not a fan of Zus Coffee but what if Zus is Zeus. Will it affect your belief? Where do you think your childhood snack Apollo gets its name from?” he said.

However, Zus’ brand story and concept in its Corporate Identity showed that the brand name was an acronym for Zeal + US.

Its corporate colour blue represents the colour of thunder and that it symbolises sincerity, confidence, friendliness as well as trust.

The logo, which some claimed to resemble a Greek god, was composed of the profile of a friendly, approachable goat herder with coffee wreaths worn on the sides of the head and thunderbolt motifs as his beard.

The goat herder related to the icon was Kaldi, who discovered coffee centuries ago when he first saw his goats dance energetically after eating the berries.

Apart from Zus, social media users also highlighted several other brands associated with the usage of Ancient Greek gods’ name such as Nike.

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An X user Darry Tan said In Greek mythology, Nike was a goddess who personified victory in any field including art, music, war, and athletics.

Rafiq Nifail highlighted that brands like Apollo, Pandora, Nike, Dove were using the name or there was a relation to Greek mythologies.

Another user @ezalfx pointed out that if one really wanted to talk about beliefs being affected by such brand names, they should also rethink what they wear.

“There’s no need to go far, for those who wears Manchester United jerseys, their logo portrays the devil, so does it mean that you are worshipping the devil? Just asking,” he posted.

Meanwhile, another user @fitriiiiiimn said beliefs could be damaged even without external elements.

“There’s no need to relate to external elements if one wants to destroy his beliefs. For instance, when you believe that wedding trays need to include ‘sirih junjung’, there’s a need for a ‘tepung tawar’ ritual for newlyweds and something will happen if those traditions are skipped can also affect your beliefs,” he said in his post.