APSI teams up with Rasuah Busters to knock out sports corruption

01 Nov 2023 07:00am
Asia Pacific Sports International CEO, KPD Andre. - FILE PIX
Asia Pacific Sports International CEO, KPD Andre. - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM – Corruption is a growing concern affecting not just individual lives but also various industries, including law, politics, sports, and economics.

To tackle this, many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have sprouted up, with Rasuah Busters being a standout.

Rasuah Busters is relentlessly battling to curb corruption across multiple sectors.

Led by its chief, Datuk Hussamuddin Yaacub, Rasuah Busters initiated the #NilaiMoralKarakterBangsa movement.

The aim? To instill a value system deeply rooted in Malaysian heritage that strictly condemns corruption and misuse of power.

Partnership to Fight Sports Corruption

Asia Pacific Sports International (APSI) has also jumped into the fray, forming an alliance with Rasuah Busters to specifically counter corruption in the sporting world.

APSI's CEO KPD Andre praised Rasuah Busters for being an effective platform for educational events.

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"Their focus is on imparting core values that not only uplift the nation but also keep our sports clean," Andre told Sinar Daily during an interview at Karangkraf Complex yesterday.

More Than Just Sports

Andre stressed that the sporting industry is vast, encompassing athletes, coaches, management, manufacturers, and even sports journalism.

"It's crucial to ensure every nook and cranny of this industry is free from corruption.

"This will have a ripple effect on future generations," he added.

Education: The Foundation

"In sports, our three main pillars are science, coaching, and education.

"APSI mainly focuses on the educational part, teaching kids about ethics, morality, and responsibility, goverance, and leadership" said Andre.

He believes that kids, being the future leaders, need to be groomed from an early age with the right set of values.

Upcoming Events

The anti-graft busters also organise sporting events with an anti-corruption twist, such as a futsal competition themed around integrity (Kejohanan Kebangsaan Futsal Rasuah Busters).

The goal is to target schools and focus on five key zones to enhance the nation's sporting prowess.

Role of Government and Media

Andre stressed that the government and media also have crucial roles to play.

"To completely root out corruption, stricter laws are needed, and the media must continue to raise awareness about the actions taken by organisations like Rasuah Busters.

"If nothing's done, nothing will change," he warned.

Andre envisions a corruption-free sports industry, advocating for integrity and effective governance as the cornerstones for a more equitable and productive Malaysia.

"Initiatives like these can propel Malaysia to greater heights," he added.

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