655 delayed, sick and abandoned housing projects as of Sept 30

01 Nov 2023 07:39pm
Deputy Local Government Development Minister Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir - AWANI
Deputy Local Government Development Minister Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir - AWANI
KUALA LUMPUR - The Task Force on Private Housing and Abandoned Projects (TFST) has recorded 655 housing projects categorised as delayed, sick and abandoned, with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM79.03 billion as of Sept 30, said Deputy Local Government Development Minister Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir.

According to him, they comprised 68 delayed projects, 476 problematic projects and 111 confirmed abandoned projects. TFST emphasises the need to protect the interests of affected buyers while developers address the problem of delayed, troubled and abandoned projects.

"Therefore, TFST can consider recommending that projects under government or state authority housing programmes like these receive benefits from the Special Guarantee Fund amounting to RM1 billion, as announced in the MADANI 2024 Budget once it is approved.

"TFST continues its various efforts through engagement sessions which are hoped to be avenues for all parties to examine and identify the main issues affecting the housing industry in the country," he said in a statement today.

The Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT) planned to organise a seminar on Reviving Abandoned Private Housing Projects on Nov 16, with the aim of establishing collaboration, strategic approaches and shared experiences among stakeholders involved in the effort to revive abandoned private housing projects, added Akmal Nasrullah.

"In the seminar, developers, rescuers and liquidators can share experiences, suggest new ideas and propose improvements for reviving abandoned projects and providing valuable insights into the revitalisation efforts," he said.

Akmal Nasrullah said KPKT, through TFST, is committed to continuing the national agenda in assisting the recovery of troubled private housing projects categorised as delayed, sick or abandoned, to alleviate the burden on the people.

Meanwhile, he said KPKT successfully restored 301 problematic housing projects, including 38,752 units, with a GDV of RM28.88 billion, by the end of September. It involved 293 projects with 37,392 housing units in the sick category, while eight projects with 1,360 housing units are categorised as abandoned.

He said there are three delayed and sick projects under the Residensi Wilayah programme so far, namely Residensi Wilayah Hijauan Pantai, Residensi Salak Selatan and Residensi Hektar Gombak.
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