Impact of pressure from the United States is minimal – Expert

02 Nov 2023 12:54pm
Anwar Ibrahim - BERNAMA
Anwar Ibrahim - BERNAMA

SHAH ALAM - The United States (US) can impose restrictions or pressure on Malaysia indirectly by issuing a démarche in terms of economy and trade.

Legal expert Professor Dr Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmood said however, Malaysia did not need to worry because if such actions were taken, the expected impact on the country was only at a minimum level.

He said that the effects of the possible actions were not significant because they were only carried out privately by the US and its allies and not implemented directly.

"As a major power with a significant influence, the US may apply pressure that is not direct.

"In my opinion, the US still sees Malaysia as its ally in Southeast Asia, so they may not do things that could put us in a difficult situation.

"Therefore, if the actions taken are not in the form of direct economic sanctions, such as those imposed by the US on Iran, we do not need to be overly concerned," he said when contacted by Sinar on Wednesday.

He made these remarks when asked to comment on the type of action the US could take following the country's issuance of three démarches to Malaysia due to its reluctance to consider Hamas as a terrorist group.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on Tuesday revealed that the US had pressured Malaysia because of its firm stance against the injustices of Zionist Israel.

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Nik Ahmad Kamal said he believed that the pressure that might be exerted was through third parties in terms of obstacles that could not be seen directly such as the difficulty in selling the country's exports.

"They may exert other influences on their ally countries, which will then disrupt foreign trade, and foreign investors may not come.

"The impact of these actions was not significant unless these sanctions or pressures were approved and implemented by the United Nations (UN)," he added.

Therefore, Nik Ahmad Kamal said that Malaysia needed to always act under the UN's guide, which was based on international law and also strive to expand trade with like-minded new countries.

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