Social media user alleges cover-up of bullying incident at boarding school

04 Nov 2023 06:50pm
Yong Zanariah's post on the X platform.
Yong Zanariah's post on the X platform.

SHAH ALAM - A user on social media platform X expressed frustration with the management of a boarding school in Perak for allegedly failing to take appropriate action against students involved in bullying.

According to the account owner, @Yong Zanariah, the victim is a Form Four student and the sibling of a friend who a group of senior students bullied on Sept 24.

@Yong Zanariah claimed that the school did not impose the necessary disciplinary actions on the group of bullies, despite the victim suffering injuries that required hospitalisation.

As a result, they initiated a social media campaign to seek justice for the victim and to allege that the school was attempting to cover up the incident.

@Yong Zanariah's revelation received support from other social media users, who called for fairer action by the school and for the bullies to be imprisoned.

According to the account user @Fatimah Z, bullying resulting in injuries is a criminal act.

"Just imprison the bullies, or else they'll think they're invincible and can do as they please," she said.

Several other account users also exposed long-standing bullying incidents involving students at the same school.

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Meanwhile, the Perak police have initiated an investigation into a bullying incident involving three male students at a full boarding school in the area.

Kuala Kangsar district police chief Assistant Commissioner Omar Bakhtiar Yaacob said that the incident report was received on Sept 24.

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