Situation is worsening, Nurul Ain not able to leave Gaza

05 Nov 2023 07:05pm
Nurul Ain and her husband (left). Haron Hamim (right).
Nurul Ain and her husband (left). Haron Hamim (right).

SHAH ALAM - A Malaysian currently in Gaza, Palestine, Nurul Ain Haron, 37, is always ready to leave the country if given the opportunity.

Her father, Haron Hamim, 65, said that the Rafah border crossing in Egypt is currently closed, but he has high hopes of seeing Nurul Ain and her husband, a Palestinian citizen, Mohamed Adan Shaat, 33, safely return to Malaysia.

"Nurul Ain just called five minutes ago, but we couldn't talk for long because the line suddenly got disconnected. She managed to tell me that they are still holding on and in good condition.

"She really wants to get out of Gaza, but for now, we are waiting for updates. There are many plans, but we can't do anything because the situation there is getting worse.

"She is still doing charity work. Right now, she is collecting blankets for preparation for winter in December, but the problem is that her bank account has been frozen, so it's difficult to get these items for the people in Gaza," he said when contacted by Sinar on Sunday.

Sinar reported on Oct 27 that Nurul Ain and Mohamed Adan, who lived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), returned to their hometown in Palestine on October 1 for the first time after nearly six years of marriage before being stranded in that country due to the Israeli Zionist retaliation attacks.

On Wednesday, more than 500 foreigners were allowed to leave Gaza after the Rafah border crossing was opened for the first time since it was closed on October 7 due to Hamas' sudden attack on Israel.

However, the main entrance to the border was closed to all parties again on Sunday after three days of reopening due to disputes over the transfer of injured patients.

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Haron added that his daughter and son-in-law always take precautions to avoid crowded areas.

"Nurul Ain said she now avoids places with many people because Israel likes to attack such places.

"Anyway, she is still providing assistance to the people in Palestine but asks others to send it. Sometimes her brother-in-law helps," he added.

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