"I avoid excessive politics, let my work do the talking instead" - Penang CM

19 Nov 2023 10:19pm
Chow Kon Yeow delivers a speech at the Annual Convention of the Penang State DAP 2023 today.
Chow Kon Yeow delivers a speech at the Annual Convention of the Penang State DAP 2023 today.

GEORGE TOWN - Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow said today that he had avoided engaging in excessive politics throughout his 37 years in the party, and had instead focused on providing the best service for the party and the people.

Chow, who is also Chief Minister, said the trust given by the party leadership to lead the Penang government for the second consecutive term may have something to do with his ‘track record’ since becoming a DAP member in 1986.

"This is my 37th year as a party member and yes, I have been given a lot of opportunities to serve the people and the party whether as an assemblyman or a member of parliament.

"I believe this is due to my strengths... I am loyal to the (party) cause, always willing to offer my best services, I’m a man of few words and I do not engage in excessive politics. I am focused on delivering achievements,” he said in his speech at the 2023 Penang DAP annual convention here today.

The convention was officiated by DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke Siew Fook. Also present were national DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng and members of the state party leadership.

Chow went on to say that the ruling state party coalition had achieved 94 per cent of its 14th general election (GE14) manifesto pledges, and the focus now is to implement all of the pledges made in GE15 to ensure continuity in the state government's success.

He said the state government remains committed to the Penang2030 mission, and hoped that the new team of state administrators formed after the state election in August will play their part towards achieving this.

"Everyone, including party members and leaders, must shoulder their responsibilities to ensure the party remains relevant as the governing party in Penang,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lim, in his speech, said DAP was a 'young' party that will continue to stay young in terms of ideas and thinking, even among veteran members.

He also stressed the importance of continuous renewal and the development of a better succession plan, adding that at the same time, leaders, especially those in government positions, should not neglect the party when it comes to decision-making.

"Recent elections have shown that people are more supportive of the party rather than individual candidates, and so on this basis, I urge all DAP leaders and members to be disciplined and always abide by party directives, listen to the concerns of the people and ensure that civil servants implement outlined policies for the benefit of all,” he said. - BERNAMA