Melaka’s newest attraction, a bright ‘tomyam traffic light’

21 Nov 2023 04:51pm
Screenshots of the TikTok video posted by @Sandranahayu's account.
Screenshots of the TikTok video posted by @Sandranahayu's account.

SHAH ALAM – Melaka is known as a historical city, and it is now making headlines on social media for its innovative lightsaber-ish traffic light which resembles lights usually found at tomyam shops.

TikTok user @Sandrahanayu shared a video of the traffic light at Ayer Keroh, Melaka, which showed the upside-down L-shaped traffic light shined brightly on top of the usual traffic lights.

The video first showed a bright red light and Sandrahanayu waited for the lights to turn green to see how it would look like.

To this video, many social media users commented there were no reasons for motorists to miss the traffic light.

“There is no such reason to not realise the light was red,” @ikin_ commented.

Other users pointed out the similarity of the traffic light to the lightings used at tomyam shops.

“Is this a traffic light or a tomyam shop’s drive-through,” social media user Asrul Affandi wrote in his post of the traffic light.

Other users were interested to see the traffic light for themselves, tagging their partners asking to ‘visit’ the intersection.

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