Possible for non-Malays shift support if govt fails to deliver - WAF

23 Nov 2023 04:59pm
 Wan Ahmad Fayhsal during an interview session with Sinar Daily. (PHOTO BY RAFIQUE REDZUAN)
Wan Ahmad Fayhsal during an interview session with Sinar Daily. (PHOTO BY RAFIQUE REDZUAN)

SHAH ALAM - The non-Malay voters may stop supporting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim if the Unity Government fails to deliver on bread and butter issues, says Bersatu Youth Chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal.

He described the non-Malays as more pragmatic than the Malays voters, adding that the most important thing for them was for the government to deliver on issues related to their livelihoods and the economy.

The Machang MP said it not impossible for Pakatan Harapan’s traditional support base, especially the Chinese voters, would consider pledging their support to Perikatan Nasional instead if the government fails to perform.

“What good is rhetorics if you cannot deliver?” he said during a press conference at Bersatu’s sixth general assembly.

Citing the recent Merdeka Centre survey, he said findings showed the people’s confidence in the government dropped tremendously compared to a year ago.

“Now that the hype has fizzled out, I think the people wants to see what he (Anwar) can deliver and I think they also expects us to keep the check and balance of the government, to see what he can deliver.

“He now has two-thirds majority. Now what’s the fuss? Why can’t he deliver?” he later told Sinar Daily on the sidelines.

The recent survey of 1,220 voters saw Anwar’s approval rating dropped to 50 per cent from 68 per cent last December. Results also found the dissatisfaction over the state of the economy had increased to 43 per cent from 19 per cent.

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