Black Friday: Social media users advocate for boycott in support of Palestine

25 Nov 2023 03:00pm
For illustrative purposes only. Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP
For illustrative purposes only. Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP

SHAH ALAM – As the long-awaited Black Friday season approaches, social media users are seen sharing content to boycott the annual sale in support of the Palestinians amid Israel’s onslaught on Gaza.

Such postings had been shared on X and Instagram, among others, highlighting that people should not take part in the discount day which started on Nov 24 because the pause in fighting agreed between Israeli officials and Hamas was not enough.

The ‘humanitarian pause’ would see Hamas release at least 50 hostages over a four-day period, with a temporary stop in fighting, more humanitarian aid into Gaza and 150 Palestinian women and teenagers held in Israeli jails released.

Despite the ‘humanitarian pause’, pro-Palestinian accounts on social media demanded a total stop to the war and called for the Black Friday boycott to take place in protest.

X user @FaatiTheStreet said the pause in fighting was so shoppers could spend guilt-free.

“They paused their killing so you could spend guilt-free.

“Do not fall for it. Boycott Black Friday,” she said, adding that by not taking part in the sale, the Pro-Israelis brands could be ‘hit in the pocket’.

Another user @modernwallart said, "Are you ready to disrupt business as usual? No celebrating in peace while genocide takes place. This Black Friday, November 24, people around the world will boycott, disrupt, and rally at commercial centers as we continue to #ShutItDown4Palestine."

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TikTok user @sharhenley said that she would not spend on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving or Christmas until the Palestinians could sleep for a full night.

“Whoever wants to say that boycotts don’t work, how do you think we ended segregation, apartheid in South Africa, the Vietnam War and countless other historical events?” she questioned.

Meanwhile, Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) said that shoppers should boycott genocide enablers.

“HP, PUMA, and Marvel support or provide cover for Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid. They are enabling Israel’s genocidal war on Palestinians in Gaza. Take action for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to tell them you won’t buy into genocide,” the movement said on its website.

BDS said that the companies supported or provided cover for Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid which made them complicit in its war crimes.

“Israel may now pause its bombing, but it has vowed to resume it.

“Take action now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t Buy into Genocide,” the statement read.

For the record, Black Friday marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season in many countries, particularly the US with sales significantly boost the revenue of participating businesses.

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