Allowing leaders to engage in mutual condemnation, insults is hazardous says Sultan Nazrin

25 Nov 2023 12:32pm
Sultan Nazrin
Sultan Nazrin
KUALA LUMPUR - The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah, has expressed concern over the diminishing emphasis of tact and good manners, to the point where some people openly use harsh, obscene, slanderous, abusive, and insulting language, even in places of worship.

He said that of late, this trend is not being ignored amongst the uneducated or those in lower social positions but is being sidelined by educated high-ranking individuals.

"It is happening not in the streets or flea markets, but instead at august public platforms, forums, and venues, and even in places of worship.

"The use of harsh, obscene, slanderous, abusive, and insulting language by certain individuals is often done with pride and arrogance,” Sultan Nazrin said in his speech at the first session of Universiti Malaya’s 63rd Convocation Ceremony here today.

The Sultan, who is also UM Chancellor, said Islam emphasises the principle of proper communication through the use of kind and gentle language, as well as treating others with utmost respect and maintaining a sense of orderliness.

Sultan Nazrin said that allowing individuals, particularly those in leadership positions, to engage in behaviour involving mutual condemnation and insults is hazardous, as it holds the potential to foster animosity and kindle the flames of hostility.

"The lessons drawn from the bitter events of 1969 call for proactive measures to prevent the propagation of provocative voices that could incite inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts,” he said.

As such, the Perak ruler said it is crucial to incorporate the fifth principle of Rukun Negara (the National Principles) - 'courtesy and morality' - into educational programmes so that the good values are understood, internalised and put into practice by all citizens.

Sultan Nazrin said that this is to protect the minds of citizens, especially school-going children, from the negative influence of uncivilised behaviour and misguided values.
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"The foundational principles of courtesy and morality serve as the cornerstones for building a harmonious society and a prosperous nation. It is imperative to acknowledge that the behaviour of citizens, especially leaders, shapes the image, countenance, and identity of our nation on the global stage.

"The standard or level of courtesy and morality observed among citizens functions as a barometer for the nation’s progress and level of civilization,” he said.

Sultan Nazrin said as early as 1973, esteemed scholar Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas forewarned on the emergence of pseudo-leaders, cultivated under the guise of 'sorcerer mentors', adeptly assume the role of new figures concealing the old ones.

Therefore, he does not want the nation and its citizens to fall victim to the deceitful actions and irresponsible behaviour carried out by pseudo-leaders.

"The ideologies, mannerisms, and examples propagated by these pseudo-leaders resemble a blend of truth and falsehood, thus instigating confusion,” he said.

A total of 8,327 graduates will receive their scrolls throughout the convocation which began today and will end on Dec 2. - BERNAMA