Important position awaits Raja Affandi - PM

30 Nov 2023 10:48am
Anwar (right) with Raja Mohamed Affandi. - Photo by Bernama
Anwar (right) with Raja Mohamed Affandi. - Photo by Bernama

KEMAMAN - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hints that he will give an important position to General (R) Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor if he is elected as Kemaman Member of Parliament on Dec 2.

He said the former Armed Forces Chief had a very excellent record in his previous service and the opportunity should not be wasted.

"I hope that with his position, as mentioned by Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu (Amanah president), I believe that if he becomes an MP, he will not be an ordinary one.

"Of course, his duty is to ensure that (Kemaman's) relationship with the Prime Minister's government is good. Remember, we ensure the victory of Barisan Nasional," he said in the Ceramah Mega Perpaduan Madani Kemanan by-election at Geliga.

Meanwhile, Anwar added the Federal Government never took away the rights of the people of Terengganu.

He said that all aid to the people would be channelled according to the need.

"They (the state government) let us know about landslides in Kenyir, part of which is TNB's and the other part is the state government's land. I gave immediate approval to overcome the problem of erosion and landslides in Tasik Kenyir amounting to RM200 million.

"Is there a thank you? No. Then they said we don't give aid. I want to tell you, we don't take money that belongs to Terengganu. The same goes for Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak.

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"We channel money according to the situation. If it looks polite and orderly, we can negotiate well but if (they call us) disbelievers and (say) we don’t take care of the Malays, let us do it our way," he said.