Dark side of modelling: Woman speak out against photographer's misconduct

03 Dec 2023 04:00pm
Pix for illustration purpose only. - FILE PIX
Pix for illustration purpose only. - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - In a world where beauty is captured through a lens, a darker tale unfolds as 41 local women, including one known as Natasha, step into the limelight to expose the alleged sexual harassment and deceitful conduct of a well-known photographer on Instagram.

Their collective voices echo, revealing a disturbing narrative of non-payment for photoshoots and violations of personal boundaries that extend beyond the realm of professionalism.

Natasha, recounting her distressing experiences, sheds light on a journey that took an unexpected turn.

Natasha's venture into indoor photography, particularly boudoir modeling, took a disconcerting turn when the photographer rejected a session because she brought along a friend for support.

The real ordeal began during outdoor shoots, where she was directed to wear attire that pushed the boundaries of modesty, leaving her feeling exposed and objectified.

"I have lived the life of a freelance model, embracing the picturesque landscapes for outdoor shoots since my entry into the modelling world at 18.

"However, my exploration into indoor photography, particularly boudoir modelling, added an unexpected twist to my career.

"Amid my endeavours, I found myself entangled in a disconcerting incident involving a disgusting photographer," Natasha told Sinar Daily.

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The situation escalated when Natasha, among 41 local women, exposed the photographer for alleged sexual harassment and scamming practices.

"From my perspective, I aimed for an aesthetic and trendy appearance in the pictures but ended up feeling objectified, portraying an image I hadn't intended.

"The situation with him (the photographer) escalated further when I, among 41 local women, exposed the photographer for alleged sexual harassment and scamming practices.

This issue is not isolated, as numerous similar cases have been reported in Malaysia, indicating a troubling pattern of such incidents.

Photographer remanded over alleged sexual assault of student in Sepang

In a noteworthy case on May 12, a 39-year-old photographer was apprehended for allegedly molesting a nine-year-old student in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang.

The arrest followed the victim's complaint, and during a subsequent meeting involving the school, the victim's guardian, and the photographers on May 23, one of the photographers confessed to the reprehensible act.

Dissatisfied with the school's handling, the victim's father filed a police report on May 26, leading to the photographer's arrest.

Photographer faced numerous sexual abuse allegations

In another case, a local photographer was accused of sexually abusing models, with over 30 allegations emerging after the Instagram page, Blacklisted Photographers (@blacklistpgs_malaysia), encouraged affected models to step forward.

Allegations against the photographer range from inappropriate touching during shoots, coercive nudity, unauthorised sales of nude images, and pressuring underage models into sexual acts.

Over 30 allegations include sexual harassment, assault, and coercion.

The creator of Blacklisted Photographers, a victim themselves, highlighted the lack of awareness about predatory photographers in the community as the motivation for starting the platform.

Investigations revealed the photographer's Telegram page, where he sells unpublished images of models for a hefty subscription fee.

The photographer denied the allegations, calling them defamatory, and plans to pursue legal action against those behind the accusations.