Don't let a cheating spouse turn you into a 'punching bag'

05 Dec 2023 11:51am
Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF

THE controversial news of a female influencer allegedly being beaten by her cheating husband has garnered significant attention this week.

The seemingly adorable couple, known for sharing advice on maintaining a happy home, shocked Malaysians when it was revealed that the husband had married another woman during his wife's pregnancy.

The previously affectionate demeanor exhibited by the couple may have been a façade, as evidenced by a medical report that has gone viral, detailing injuries and emotional distress caused by the husband's alleged abuse.

While some argue that a hot temper may be an inherited trait, the writer contends that violence towards one's spouse is not a natural inclination but rather a failure to control anger.

Regardless of the reasons, the author urges women not to be passive victims of domestic violence.

Marriage should not be equated to a lifelong jail, and being a "punching bag" is both unnecessary and unwise.

The author advises women not to make excuses for staying in an abusive relationship, emphasiaing that a husband with such an attitude may only become worse over time.

Domestic abuse is not a recent phenomenon, with an estimated 243 million women worldwide, aged 15 to 49, experiencing abuse in their relationships.

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During the previous pandemic era, there was a surge in domestic violence cases, primarily perpetrated by intimate partners, husbands, or ex-husbands.

Health Ministry's Senior Psychological Officer Kasturi Bai recently noted that victims often experience low self-esteem, mental disorders, and negative impacts on their children.

To address this issue, the author encourages women to utilise support services such as the One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC), which is available in government hospitals across states and districts.

The article also highlights the legal recourse available to women facing infidelity, suggesting that they can sue the unfaithful spouse or a third party and take legal action.

Syariah lawyer Nurfarhana Abd Manaf, recommends counselling, negotiations, and legal actions like divorce or alimony lawsuits as drastic measures to save a household, especially if the woman wants to continue the marriage for children's sake.

The author stresses that legal actions are not meant to degrade the individuals involved but to warn against repeating mistakes.

However, the article cautions against jumping to conclusions before investigating and gathering sufficient data and proof.

While polygamy is acceptable, women deserve happiness and should not endure abuse.

Stop tolerating people who disrespect you.

You deserve to be happy!

Azma Mohd Lazim is a SinarPlus digital reporter

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