No VIP prisoner rooms in Sungai Buloh Prison

05 Dec 2023 08:59pm
Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF

SHAH ALAM - The Malaysian Prisons Department (JPM) says that the claims made by 'Abang Mat' about the country's prison system through a video uploaded on YouTube are untrue and malicious.

In a statement, JPM said that it would not hesitate to make a police report because the allegations not only tarnish the image of the institution but also affected the credibility of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"There are no rooms for the placement of VIP (individuals of interest) prisoners in Sungai Buloh Prison and any other prison. DSAI (Anwar) was placed in the Sungai Buloh Prison clinic on the recommendation of medical officers due to his health problems.

"The Sungai Buloh Prison Clinic also accommodates other prisoners who require further health treatment and monitoring.

"Almost all prisoners placed in the prison clinic are Malaysian citizens and not just foreign prisoners," JPM said.

Previously, an 80-minute interview recording was uploaded on the YouTube application regarding the story of a former inmate at Sungai Buloh Prison known as Abang Mat.

He claimed that in the prison there was a special block for famous individuals and most of them are inhabited by foreign prisoners.

Commenting further, JPM said that all prisoners in the prison clinic were provided with beds as recommended by medical officers and for the benefit of their health.

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The statement added that the work of cleaning the clinic area, including the rooms, was carried out by prisoners who were selected from the same place and not from other accommodation blocks, but close monitoring was done by prison officers.

In the meantime, JPM also insisted that no curtains were installed to protect the basic room.

"Like other prisoners' rooms, curtains are not installed to allow control and observation by prison officers to be carried out without hindrance.

"Not only that, there is also a closed circuit camera (CCTV) installed in the area as a control aid," said the statement.

Regarding the allegation that the exercise time was in the morning, JPM said that the matter was not accurate and based on the records of the schedule set by Sungai Buloh Prison, the exercise facility was carried out in the evening.

Meanwhile, JPM said that visits and meetings for Anwar were the same as the treatment received by other prisoners, which was according to the level system.

"Meetings are held at the visiting place and not at the prison clinic. Based on Rule 91, Prison Regulations 2000 DSAI (Anwar) can be allowed special meetings for urgent matters.

"This facility is also given to other prisoners in matters related to death, business, education and other family matters, they must apply first," said JPM.

At the same time, JPM claimed that Abang Mat only made up stories about being able to see the Tambun Member of Parliament within 50 metres.

According to the statement, the prisoner placement rooms at the prison clinic, including Anwar's room, cannot be accessed by any other prisoner.

JPM further said Anwar's room faces the wall of the prison officer's passage and could only be seen from the front view of the room.

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