Syed Danial's wife cries in court as she recalls road rage’s impact

07 Dec 2023 05:39pm
Qistina Ayu
Qistina Ayu

SHAH ALAM - The widow of the late Syed Muhammad Danial Syed Syakir cries in the High Court here while recounting the impact of the road rage incident that caused her husband's death, four years ago.

Qistina Ayu Rozhan 32, said that she lost her husband and her four-year-old daughter did not get to feel the love of a father only because of a misunderstanding and failure to hold back anger.

"I had to deal with trauma, driving back and forth to work for years at the same location where my husband was mercilessly killed.

"The pain I feel is unbearable not to mention being a single mother since I have to take care of my child who was only three months old at the time of the incident," she said while crying.

Family members present in court also failed to contain their sadness when Qistina read the victim impact statement in front of Judge Julia Ibrahim.

The mother of one child said that as a result of the incident, she became angry and even her mental health deteriorated.

Qistina who is also a bank employee, said that she cried every day especially when she looked at her daughter.

She said that she accepted God’s fate but justice must be served because no individual should go through the same fate.

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The woman also had high hopes for the country's judicial system and hoped for fair punishment and that the incident be a lesson for road bullies.

After hearing arguments from the prosecution and defence including victim impact statements, Julia sentenced former IT employee Yew Wei Liang to 16 years in prison for causing the death of Syed Muhammad Danial.

Last Tuesday, the court found Wei Liang, 45, guilty of causing the death of Syed Muhammad Danial, at that location.

Previously, on Aug 22, 2019, Wei Liang was charged with killing Syed Muhammad Danial, a bank manager at Kilometer 293.6, North South Highway between 1pm and 2pm, on Aug 10 the same year.

The accused was charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries a mandatory death sentence, if convicted.

However, when reading the decision of the case, the judge convicted the accused according to Section 304(a) of the Penal Code, which is causing death, which provides for a prison sentence of up to 30 years and a fine if the act is done with the intention of causing death.

The prosecution in the case was handled by Deputy Public Prosecutor Raja Zaizul Faridah Raja Zaharudin and Aqarie Durranie Aziz while the defence was by lawyer Wee Choo Keong.

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