MyDigital ID does not store biometric data or use chips, implants - MIMOS

12 Dec 2023 04:59pm
Picture for illustrative purposes - 123RF
Picture for illustrative purposes - 123RF
KUALA LUMPUR - The MyDigital ID system does not store any biometric data such as fingerprints, iris scans, or facial recognition, nor does it use any chips or implants, according to MIMOS Berhad.

It also said that MyDigital ID does not collect, monitor, share or store users' personal data or online activities or allow users to have more than one digital identity.

"It (MyDigital ID) also does not function as a substitute for MyKad for proof of identity, and the use of this system on the government portal can also guarantee secure transactions through a cryptographic-based system that ensures its security," MIMOS said in a statement today.

In addition, the security of MyDigital ID is also certified by the internationally recognised Common Criteria Certification with EAL3+, it said, adding that the MyDigital ID application on smartphones contains the digitally bound identity of individuals through cryptography, a highly secure technology for names and identification numbers.

According to the statement, MyDigital ID represents the government's commitment to providing easily accessible and secure digital services for all individuals.

"MyDigital ID also signifies a significant step towards a user-friendly and secure digital environment and is in line with the government's vision of using technology to empower people," it said.

MyDigital ID also serves as an online verification method that allows individuals smooth access to various government digital platforms.

"By integrating the online verification process, individuals can use various services without having to log in multiple times and facilitate digital interaction with government agencies," read the statement.

Registration for MyDigital ID will be open to all government employees from March 2024 and all information about the registration will be listed on the MyDigital ID website.
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