78 goats stuffed in sacks in smuggle attempt seized

14 Dec 2023 01:50pm

KUALA TERENGGANU - An attempt to smuggle 78 goats using a lorry failed after a lorry driver and his assistant were arrested by the Terengganu Veterinary Services Department (JPV).

The tactics of the two men in their 30s were revealed after they were arrested by the JPV intelligence team along with the lorry carrying the animals at about 7.30pm in Kampung Penarik, Setiu on Wednesday.

Terengganu Agriculture, Agro-Based Industry, Food Security and Commodity Exco Dr Azman Ibrahim said enforcement officers detected a lorry deemed suspicious during monitoring at the Kelantan-Terengganu border.

“Enforcement tailed the lorry coming from the direction of Tok Bali towards Kuala Besut for an hour before successfully arresting the driver, leading to the discovery of goats. They do not have any documents or transfer permits.

"The animals are suspected to be smuggled from a neighbouring country where each goat was put in sacks and transported using a closed truck.

"We do not rule out the possibility of the smuggled goat being brought in to be sold at a lower price for the market outside Terengganu," he said at a press conference here, Wednesday night.

Also present was Terengganu JPV Director Dr Anun Man.

Azman said the seized items estimated to be worth RM100,000, were taken to JPV Terengganu to be investigated under Section 36 (1) of the Animal Act 1953, Menteri Besar's Order (T.R.P.U.1) Order for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease and Bleeding Disease Control Area (Terengganu State) 2023.

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He said if convicted, those involved could be fined not more than RM15,000 under Subsection 36 (7) of the Animals Act 1953.

Meanwhile, he said the public was advised to be careful when buying goats that were offered at a cheap price in the market because it was feared to pose a risk to health.

"There are cases that have been confirmed through inspection by the JPV when smuggled goats are slaughtered, there is damage to internal organs.

"That's why this goat will not get fat because it came in an unhealthy state.

"There are also slaughtered goats with diseases carried by animals or livestock-borne diseases where some are infected with zoonotic diseases or diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

"This is what we are worried about," he said.

In the same development, he said about 12 cases involving goat smuggling activities were successfully solved throughout this year.

He said that the total amount seized in the operation involved more than 500 goats with a value of more than RM1 million.