Majlis Syura: Amanah adopts collaborative approach in leadership selection - Khalid Samad

20 Dec 2023 03:15pm
Khalid Samad - FILE PIX
Khalid Samad - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - The concept of Majlis Syura (Syura council) in Party Amanah Negara (Amanah) involves a collaborative discussion among 27 of its national leadership committee members to unanimously select its president.

Its communications director Khalid Samad said the concept inspired from the Caliphate era was implemented in the party to avoid competition among candidates and prevent internal divisions.

He said Majlis Syura was designed to facilitate in ensuring a collective decision-making process to choose a capable leader who could efficiently lead the party.

"We aim to avoid the emergence of Team A and Team B, preventing internal divisions with separate elections and factionalism.

"The 27 members must come together, engage in discussions collectively and make decisions through unanimity," Khalid told Sinar Daily, today.

Khalid stressed the significance of the discussion between the 27 members of the party and arriving at a unanimous decision to uphold unity.

The 27 members, he said were chosen based on their potential and that they were among the best members who were able to make extraordinary contributions to the party's aspirations.

When asked about his expectation for the party in 2024, he said Amanah aimed to fortify its position, garner community support, particularly from the Malays and advance its aspirations to a higher level of development through the party's established patterns.

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Khalid said Amanah adhered to a governance pattern aligned with the principles of Prophet Muhammad SAW, promoting a politics of 'rahmah' (compassion) based on joint discussions and focusing on societal and national development.