No one will be left behind in Amanah election – Adly

22 Dec 2023 07:30pm
Adly Zahari. - FILE PIX
Adly Zahari. - FILE PIX

KLANG - Party Amanah Negara (Amanah) assured that the leaders chosen for the party's election session are the best among the best, based on the party's election model.

It's vice-president Adly Zahari said the party's election model was the best based on experience before the establishment of the party.

"This Amanah selection model selects 27 people, whether at the wing or national level, because for us, this model is the best model.

"No one will be left behind in this election. We will choose the best among the best.

"So, this is the model that we will use because of its merit, their (leaders) previous experiences and what they have done in the Amanah leadership are all taken into account," he said in a press conference after the launching of the Angkatan Wanita Amanah Negara (Awan) National Convention, today.

He stressed that the consensus method made by 27 leaders who were elected representatives was also proof that Amanah's election model was the best.

"During eight years, for now there is no problem for Amanah, we feel that all the best leadership is in the leadership line who will be elected.

"This model will give the best to Amanah and because this party is part of the political parties that make up Malaysia, we think the strength of Amanah is the strength of the unity government," he added.

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When asked about Amanah's strategy director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, who was said to be the most qualified candidate to replace the late Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub as Amanah's deputy president, he said every point of view will be taken into account.

"Amanah has a lot of potential leaders and all of them will be considered.

"The 27 elected will be given the opportunity to express their views. I think there is indeed a lot of potential Amanah leaders that we can place as the party's deputy president," he said.