Menara Ilham seizure: PM backs MACC's hunt for big-name corrupts

22 Dec 2023 05:03pm
Pix for illustration purpose only. - Photo by Bernama
Pix for illustration purpose only. - Photo by Bernama

PETALING JAYA - The move of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in investigating and seizing Menara Ilham in the federal capital proved the system of enforcement in the country does not protect anyone involved in corruption, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He stressed that all parties need to understand and give space to the investigating body to carry out its duties including investigation involving figures who are influential, hold titles or wield power.

Anwar said the justice and enforcement system especially relating to integrity must show example and and be bold to act against corrupted individuals

"Let MACC carry out its duties, regardless of position and status...if not (selective investigation), there will be criticism of only catching the small fish and leaving influential people untouched.

"Let there be investigation, so that leaders are not seen as being protected by big power. The responsibility of MACC is to carry out its duties and investigate,” he told reporters after performing Friday prayers at Kota Damansara Mosque here today.

At the same time, the Prime Minister urged the people not make any intrepretation or impression as if the government has a certain ploy whenever there are investigations involving influential figures.

"Do not assume that each time there is an investigation on an influential person means we (government) have an ulterior motive, if it involves ordinary people, then it is normal," he said.

Anwar was commenting on the action of MACC in seizing Menara Ilham in Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur.

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The notice of seizure on the 60-storey building dated Dec 18 was published through the notification section of a news portal, with the signature of MACC deputy public prosecutor, Ahmad Akram Gharib, yesterday.

In other developments, the Prime Minister said the awarding and implementation of the multi-lane free flow (MLFF) project for the toll collection system on the highway was made according to a normal and transparent process.

"It will go through a normal process, there is no basis or whatsoever to assume that the process will go through a negotiated tender. No.

"It will have to go a proper and transparent process as we have made it clear before," he said.

Anwar was commenting on media reports over the "appointment agreement" on awarding concession for MLFF toll plaza project which was signed between the caretaker goverment and a private company, two days before the 15th general election.

However, Works Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi recently said that the award of the project had yet to be finalised.

Commenting on the announcement on electricity tariff this evening, the Prime Minister said all announcements relating to giving targeted subsidy is good news which will the benefit of the people. - BERNAMA

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