No camp, Mat Sabu lets new leaders decide Amanah’s president

23 Dec 2023 02:13pm

KLANG - Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) president Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu leaves it to the 27 leaders who will be elected by delegates to determine the new line of party leadership.

The Kota Raja Member of Parliament for Kota Raja said he did not have a specific 'camp' or team formation to support him to remain as Amanah president.

"I don't have a camp. (The leaders chosen) Will see who can steer the party in the future. There are 27 leaders, whoever chosen, the party members will accept the team announced tomorrow evening (Sunday).

"In a political party, you have to accept whoever is chosen by the members and the leadership. We leave it to them to decide the position.

"I don't know (whether re-elected or not). Every day I just go to the office, look at chicken eggs and padi," he said at a press conference after officiating the 2023 Amanah National Convention here on today.

The eight-year-old Amanah would hold a party leadership election session through online voting tomorrow after the conclusion of the convention.

Meanwhile, Amanah Secretary-General Datuk Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli said that more than 1,000 delegates were eligible to elect 27 of the 102 leaders who have nominated themselves before.

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"We will vote around 4 to 5 pm. After the polls are closed, we will get the results (27 elected leaders).

"Then 27 leaders and three wing leaders will hold a discussion, chaired by the permanent chairman to determine the 'top five' – the president, deputy president and three vice presidents," he said.