Community's agitation grows as cows make playground a fecal zone

27 Dec 2023 03:34pm
Frustrated residents endure cattle menace. - Photo by Sinar
Frustrated residents endure cattle menace. - Photo by Sinar

IPOH - In what appears to be a pastoral scene reminiscent of grazing fields in New Zealand, several cows can be seen peacefully grazing in Taman Meru Perdana 2 near here.

However, this picturesque view belies the discomfort it brings to local residents in the residential area.

Mohd Nazri Rozally, a 45-year-old resident, highlighted that the issue of cows freely roaming the area has persisted for the past five years.

"The animals have been causing significant problems in the surrounding playground and nearby field, contaminating the area with their feces.

"Every early morning and late afternoon, these cows go to the field to graze grass.

"Their waste is scattered around the playground and in the field.

"The situation is very disturbing to the residents, especially to the children who want to have fun at the playground.

"I don't know how much longer we will have to face this problem," he told Sinar today.

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Stray dogs also contribute to the challenges faced by residents, with more than 10 of them roaming around the residential area.

These dogs pose a danger to residents and contribute to the scattering of trash from bins in inappropriate places.

Muhammad Daniel Azran, a 14-year-old resident, highlighted the inconvenience caused during football games with friends in the nearby field, as they frequently encounter cow dung.

"There is also plenty of playground area. Our younger siblings want to play, but it is not convenient for them because of the bad smell and piles of dung," he said.

Taman Meru Perdana 2 Residents' Association President Mohd Nazri Mohd Ariff acknowledged receiving complaints from residents about the issue.

Despite complaints made to the Ipoh City Council (MBI), enforcement visits consistently miss the cows and stray dogs in action.

"We urge the owners of these farm animals to be more responsible by ensuring that their pets do not enter residential areas.

"The authorities also need to take it seriously because the animals’ waste causes odor pollution and affects the well-being of the community here," he stressed.