Delve into nation's history, heritage at National Museum during holiday season

31 Dec 2023 04:00pm
Visitors at the National Museum recently. Photo by Bernama
Visitors at the National Museum recently. Photo by Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR - Want a more meaningful and informative way to fill your time during this holiday season without breaking the bank?

Well, head on to the National Museum then. It is the top choice of the public, especially parents as it is a destination rich in the diversity of the country’s historical heritage and civilisation, while entrance is also free for children aged 12 and below.

A Bernama survey found that the museum, which houses various interesting and informative exhibitions, is not only the top pick of domestic visitors but also among foreign tourists.

Muhd Rizal Isa, 44, who wants to ensure his four children, aged three to 14, appreciate history, said the National Museum is the right place to spend time with them during this school holiday.

The Jitra Institute of Industrial Training (ILP) instructor, who hails from Kedah, said it was the responsibility of parents to ensure they grow up with appropriate exposure and understanding of the country's history despite the rapid technological advances dominating their lifestyles.

"We want our children to understand their origins because we see the current generation now simply following the extremes of technology, so we have to inculcate values (like understanding of history)," he told Bernama.

Another Kedahan, 21-year-old Tan Xin Ci said it's difficult for her to choose which of the exhibitions at the National Museum she loves the most because of the variety on offer, but it was the collection of fashion worn by the community in the past that caught her attention.

"When viewing the exhibition it looked like there is a kind of a relationship (bond) between the past and the present... the reason I chose to come here is because we need to see and learn about the history of our country,” said Xin Ci, who was accompanied by her brother, Yie Xian, 18.

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Sales executive Fatma Adira Akil, 28, who was seen recording the moment her two nephews and niece were playing the game 'kaki hantu’ at the grounds of the museum, said she planned to take them on trips to gain knowledge while enjoying the break during the school holiday season.

She said she chose to take her nephews and nieces to the museum, which she described as an informative and exciting destination, to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

"After this, we will go to the National Planetarium. We will take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)... they love to explore and ask questions and they love such things, the museum is like edutainment, so there is input for them,” she said.

According to the Department of Museums Malaysia, about 25,000 people have visited the National Museum since the school holidays began (Dec 16) until Dec 25.

The National Museum is divided into four exhibition galleries, comprising Pre-History, Malay Kingdoms, Colonial Era and Malaysia Today. In addition, it also provides various interesting activities, such as traditional games, zipline and Ceria @ Muzium Negara.

Visitors can also see interesting collections such as Homo Sapiens skulls; Terracotta, Makara and Avalokitesvara stone carvings; Bugis Armour, Bellarmine Jugs and the first flag of the Federation of Malaya.

In addition, the National Museum is also having temporary exhibitions, namely the Exhibition of Weights and Measures: Metrology Wisdom; and Malaysia, My Homeland; until Dec 31. - BERNAMA