Mom reminiscences memories of Zayn Rayyan through old videos

28 Dec 2023 05:59pm
Screenshots of the video posted on Ismanira's account.
Screenshots of the video posted on Ismanira's account.

SHAH ALAM – Memories from nearly five years ago once again evoke a deep sense of longing for Ismanira Abdul Manaf, the mother of the late Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin, a six-year-old autistic child who was tragically murdered earlier this month.

In her latest Facebook status posted last night, Ismanira, shared her emotions using two sad emojis.

Recollecting precious moments with her special son, Ismanira, affectionately known as Isma, revisited memories recorded on May 19, 2018.

The video portrayed one-year-old Zayn Rayyan learning alongside Isma as they placed dirty clothes into a bucket for soaking and washing.

The heartfelt 14-second video has garnered significant attention, amassing 3,600 views and seven shares on social media.

Facebook user Noly Ridhwani wrote, "I love you, Zayn... Every day, I want to know the updates about you.

"Be happy in Allah's heaven, my dear... Zayn Rayyan, Heaven's child... Mommy and daddy chose a nice name."

Meanwhile, Rosnita Ahmad praised the late Zayn Rayyan, saying, "Subhanallah... How cute you were, Zayn."

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Norbaya Rahaman showered compliments on the child: "Zayn's voice saying 'here' is so cute... Lucky mommy, Zayn was loved.

"Till today, whenever I see Zayn, my heart prays for Allah to ease all matters. If not in this world, surely in the afterlife.

"Be blessed in Allah's heaven," she posted.

On Dec 6, the six-year-old victim was found dead in a river near the apartment area around 10pm.

Zayn Rayyan, believed to have been murdered, was discovered by authorities and residents conducting the search operation.

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