'Teach them about life': Why T20 parents want kids in MRSM

03 Jan 2024 06:50pm
Mohd Fadzil - Photo by MOHD HALIM ABDUL WAHID
Mohd Fadzil - Photo by MOHD HALIM ABDUL WAHID

SHAH ALAM - Some high-income group (T20) parents express an interest in sending their children to Mara Junior Science Colleges (MRSM) not for financial reasons, but for the diverse learning environment offered.

According to Mara Science College Alumni Association (Ansara) president Mohd Fadzil Yusof, the educational institution was seen as a suitable place for their children to interact with students from diverse backgrounds.

"In private schools, the cost of education can go up to RM3,000 per month.

"If they (T20 parents) can afford to send their children to private schools, why compete for admission to MRSM?

"I wonder why this group (T20) wants to send their children to MRSM and the surprising answer I received is to teach their children to live a difficult life.

"MRSM is supposedly the best place for their children to make friends with the B40 group," he said during the "Apa Khabar Rakyat" discussion, edition 426, entitled 'MRSM for B40 only?'

This perspective emerged during the "Apa Khabar Rakyat" discussion titled "MRSM for B40 only?" broadcasted live on Sinar's digital platform.

The panel, hosted by Ismail Adnan, also included Mara chairman Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki and former MRSM teacher Nur Aziera Mohd Ramli.

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In a related matter, Fadzil further suggested an alternative to establishing a separate private school under Mara: allowing T20 parents to contribute to the cost of their children's MRSM education.

He acknowledged the limitations of a full-fledged private school model within Mara's structure and proposes a different fee structure for T20 students.

"We have certain limits and constraints that limit the business model.

"We can implement paid admissions, different from private schools," he said.

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